Wednesday , January 16th 2019
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STARESSO Espresso Manual Coffee Maker All in One

Staresso is a manual coffee maker that requires no electricity but the passion of life to make a cup of perfect Espresso.  And the taste is fantastic. It’s inexpensive, simple to use, and works great.  It is so different from the others that it won a Red Dot Award for design.

Safe and easy to use

Manual coffee maker without electricity, no batteries needed.  That’s the secret.  No wires, heating elements, or thermostats to wear out.  Just a few pumps and you can prepare amazing espresso anywhere.  Take it camping, to school, or the office.

STARESSO Espresso Manual Coffee Maker All in One

Staresso Espresso Manual Coffee Maker All in One

High-quality Espresso

Compare to the pour you get from the machine on your kitchen counter that cost 5x the price, the espresso you get fromStaresso has better flavor but less acidity. Besides Espresso, Staresso can also make Cappuccino, Quick Cold Brew, French coffee and style coffee or even milk foam tea.

Quick Cold Brew

Don’t like waiting?  Most cold brew machines take hours to finish their brew.  Not theStaresso!  Make a cup in minutes and enjoy its rich creamy flavor.  Then, have another cup while others are still waiting for their first.


  • Brand:Staresso
  • Size: -diameter:2.76 inches, -height:8.66 inches
  • General working pressure: 15~20 bar
  • Max ground coffee weight: 0.35 oz (10g)
  • Max capacity: 3 oz (80ml)
  • High-quality materials: Food graded SUS304 stainless steel, PCTG (without Bisphenol A), Silicone, PA
  • Pressing frequency for coffee: -Espresso:2~3 second; -French coffee: per 4~5 second
  • Pressing frequency for milk foam: Per 4~5 seconds.
  • Main function: Espresso, Milk foam (cappuccino), Quick cold brew, French plus
  • Coffee to be discovered: Try with different ground coffee, water temperature, and capacity, operation power and speed, you might be able to create your original flavor.

Product Features

  • It’s portable.  Take it with you, fast and simple.  PortableOr store it away easily and take it out only when you need it.  Grab your countertop space back.   Great for the coffee lover in a hurry.
  • Make amazing espresso anywhere.
  • High-quality Espresso comes from high pressure.  Staresso is using up to 15 bars to push the hot water through ground coffee quickly.  That means more flavor with less acidity and bitterness.
  • Make a Quick Cold Brew in just minutes!  That’s right … a cold brew that fast!
  • Easy to clean with an open design.  Brew your drink, clean up, and pack it away in no time.

The Staresso Espresso Coffee Maker is also available in white with the same features and it makes the same great espresso.